Shipping terms
Delivery time: 24/48 hours. The Express service covers the national territory in 24 hours, while for some places in the provinces or islands 48 hours may be required. Other delivery services are also available and can be customised to meet the needs of individual customers.

Cash on delivery: Cash on delivery, i.e. payment of the goods on delivery, has a cost linked to the overall value of the shipment. For orders with a total amount less than or equal to €290.00 (VAT incl.) the surcharge is €5.00 (VAT excl.) on the total value of the order, while for orders over €290.00 (VAT incl.) the surcharge is 1.7% (VAT excl.) on the total value of the order.

ATTENTION: The courier will not be able to accept payment of goods by cheque without our prior authorisation.

Insurance: The goods insurance service is optional and has a cost linked to the value of the goods purchased. The cost of insurance during transport can be requested at the completion of the order via email.

ATTENTION: We draw the attention of our customers to the operating conditions of transport and goods insurance:

In the event of partial or total damage, loss, theft or tampering of the goods, our company will not be able to reimburse or replace lost or damaged goods that have not been insured in advance.

Storage: the courier shall attempt to deliver the goods twice, after which the goods shall be stored at the relevant premises for 5 working days. Stocks due to the recipient being absent several times or to an incorrect address have a cost of €1.50 per day + €5.00 handling fee (excluding VAT). It will not be possible to collect the goods from the storage depot without our authorisation, i.e. after the storage fee has been paid.

The prices in the table below include VAT.


0 - 3,0 Kg

6,00€ + IVA

7,00€ + IVA

3,0 - 10,0 Kg

7,00€ + IVA

9,00€ + IVA

10,0 - 20,0 Kg

13,50€ + IVA

16,50€ + IVA

ZONE A: All of Italy except Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria

ZONE B: Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria